Resident Services

Nevada HAND’s Resident Services Department offers a wide range of supportive services for residents throughout its portfolio of properties, with special focus on improving the lives of our residents in the areas of economic stability, wellness, education, and community engagement.  Resident Services Department Coordinators work closely with the Property Management team to identify opportunities to empower families and seniors who live in Nevada HAND’s communities to be happy, healthy, successful, and financially stable.  Resident Service Coordinators welcome each new resident and explain the supportive services that they are able to provide, such as access to community assistance programs and volunteer opportunities.  In addition, Coordinators work with non-profit partners to bring educational seminars to our communities.  Through assistance to obtain public benefits, food commodity programs, and other financial resources, residents are often able to increase their monthly income and improve their overall quality of life.  Resident Service Coordinators also assist residents to form volunteer committees to organize such community activities as potlucks, movie nights, BINGO, and educational workshops based on their particular interests.


As we age, getting out and around town can become more challenging.  Transportation services provided by the Resident Services Department’s fleet of vehicles and dedicated drivers ensure that residents of Nevada HAND’s senior properties are able to access the broader community for groceries, pharmacies, social outings and other needs at no cost to the residents.  Residents have regularly scheduled shopping excursions every week and choose monthly special trips to Las Vegas area attractions such as Red Rock Canyon, Hoover Dam, Mob Museum, outlet mall shopping, plus a wide range of shows, entertainment, and other destinations.  In addition, the Resident Services Transportation Department provides daily courier service throughout the Nevada HAND portfolio of properties and delivers food commodity bags to seniors in the greatest need.


Our Community Partnerships

Three Square Food Bank

Senior hunger and malnutrition are growing concerns that prompted Nevada HAND to develop a partnership with Three Square Food Bank™.  The Senior Share Program allows many Nevada HAND senior residents who do not have access to sufficient nourishment through food stamps, to receive free supplemental groceries delivered to their homes twice a month.  Eligible participants receive 12-14 pounds of additional fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteins free of charge.  Residents at all Nevada HAND senior independent living communities are eligible to participate in the program, as long they meet the program’s criteria.

Boys & Girls Club of Southern Nevada

Creating a safe after-school environment for kids and teens means peace of mind for parents.  This is the main goal of Nevada HAND’s partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Southern Nevada.  Through educational programs, fun and creative activities the Boys & Girls Club strengthens the development of many children and young adults living in Nevada HAND communities.  Open since 1954, the Boys & Girls Club of Southern Nevada operates six year-round locations that give children ages 5-18, a safe place to grow and learn.  For more information about the Boys & Girls Club of Southern Nevada visit their website