Social Media Toolkit & Affordable Housing Information Resources

Dear HAND Collaborative members,

To help support your advocacy and ambassadorship efforts, we have created some resources and guidelines for social media posts. Thank you for helping celebrate and support Nevada HAND’s mission!

We will also keep this page updated with learning resources from our team.

Nevada HAND is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and we are the state’s leader in affordable housing and neighborhood development. Since 1993, Nevada HAND has remained dedicated to the development, construction, management, and preservation of high-quality, affordable homes for low-income families and seniors. Today, over 8,000 residents in 35 communities call Nevada HAND home.

Providing #MoreThanAHome: Resident Services

Affordable housing is key to creating stability, but housing alone does not address all the challenges faced by low-income seniors and families. Each Nevada HAND community offers “More Than A Home” through supportive, onsite Resident Services designed around four pillars aligned with the social determinants of healthy communities: Economic Stability, Education, Health and Wellness, and Community Engagement. Personalized outreach is a hallmark of Resident Services, helping residents access programming and resources to support their unique needs.

Purpose of this toolkit:

  • To support HAND Collaborative members in celebrating and sharing their membership.
  • To introduce new people to Nevada HAND’s mission and work.
  • To support consistent messaging by all Nevada HAND advocates and ambassadors.

Nevada HAND uses the following hashtags:

  • #morethanahome
  • #affordablehousing
  • #handcollaborative
  • #assistedliving (only in reference to our Silver Sky and Silver Sky at Deer Springs communities)

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We welcome re-posts and shares of our content on all social media platforms!

  • When sharing, please share the post in full, rather than just capturing photos and posting directly on your feed.
  • Please consider adding a personal comment and/or tagging relevant contacts to better engage your network.
  • Please consider using our approved hashtags.

Best practice for sharing your own photos:

  • Photos taken of you and your fellow HAND Collaborative members are great to share! Consider tagging one another in your post and using the #handcollaborative hashtag.
  • Please always consult the Nevada HAND Marketing Director, Jackie Soriano, before posting your own photos that feature our communities, residents, or Nevada HAND employees. This will help ensure any publicly-shared images conform to our brand, messaging, and privacy guidelines.

Assets and Sample Posts

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Assistant Director of Marketing Jackie Soriano will touch base after the June 2nd meeting with suggested social media content and images. Below are a few ideas for topics, and you should also feel welcome to share any of our recent blog posts.

Introducing the HAND Collaborative Emerging Leaders Board 

  • Nevada is in a housing crisis and Nevada HAND (@nevadahandlv) is proud to be part of the solution. Nevada HAND improves the lives of low-income individuals by providing affordable housing solutions and supportive services. I’m proud to share that I am supporting their mission as a member of the HAND Collaborative Emerging Leaders Board! I joined because [insert your why here]. Learn more about Nevada HAND at! #morethanahome #affordablehousing 

The “gap” in affordable housing:

  • Did you know that there are on 17 affordable housing options for every 100 low-income Nevada residents? This is why I’m proud to support Nevada HAND’s mission!
  • Nevada has a shortage of 84,000 units of affordable housing for low-income residents. Join me in supporting Nevada HAND’s work to address this crisis!
  • Did you know Nevada is in need of 84,000 units of affordable housing?! Nevada’s housing crisis leaves families and individuals in desperate need of affordable housing and vital resident services. Nevada HAND (@nevadahandlv) is working to make a difference but can’t do it alone. As a proud member of the HAND Collaborative Emerging Leaders Board, I encourage you to learn more about a mission I hold close to my heart by visiting #morethanahome #affordablehousing

What affordable housing is — and is not:

  • I recently got to tour a Nevada HAND property, and I was impressed to see what beautiful, well-maintained communities they provide for low-income seniors and families! Check out this footage of Nevada HAND properties to see for yourself what affordable housing can be.
  • Affordable housing is essential to our Southern Nevada community. For thousands of seniors on fixed incomes and adults working for minimum wage, market-rate rents are simply out of reach. Affordable rent is the first step towards more stability and sustainability, better health and education outcomes, and strengthened prospects for the future.

Resident Services:

  • Affordable housing is key to creating stability, but housing alone does not address all the challenges faced by low-income seniors and families. Each Nevada HAND community offers “More Than A Home” through supportive, onsite Resident Services ranging from after-school academics for children to computer and financial literacy classes for adults, to free transportation and on-site food pantries for seniors.

Block Party tickets are live! Here’s how to share the event (and your support) with your network:

Re-post our posts on any platform: 

Or make your own post:

  • Sample copy options:
    • I am proud to support Nevada HAND‘s first annual fundraising event, the Neighborhood Block Party on October 5th! I would be delighted if you would join me. Click the link for more information and to purchase tickets.
    • Get your flannels and butterfly clips ready – Nevada HAND (@nevadahandlv) is turning 30 and throwing the freshest party around! Save the date for their 90s-themed Neighborhood Block Party on Thursday, October 5. Get your tickets today at #morethanahome #affordablehousing 
  • Sample graphic: 

Affordable Housing Resources and Further Reading

Here are some reliable sources and websites where you can find informative articles and resources to learn more about affordable housing:

  • Urban Institute – Housing: The Urban Institute is a leading research organization that focuses on various policy areas, including housing. Their housing section offers insightful articles, research reports, and data on affordable housing issues. Website:
  • Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies: The Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies conducts research and analysis on housing trends and policies. Their website provides access to publications, reports, and articles on affordable housing and related topics. Website:
  • Shelterforce: Shelterforce is a publication dedicated to affordable housing and community development. They cover a wide range of topics related to housing policy, social justice, and equitable communities. Website:
  • National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC): NLIHC publishes research reports, articles, and policy briefs on affordable housing and homelessness. Their website offers valuable resources and insights into housing affordability challenges. Website:
  • Affordable Housing Finance: Affordable Housing Finance is a leading publication that covers news and trends in the affordable housing industry. Their website features articles, case studies, and analysis related to affordable housing development and finance. Website:
  • Enterprise Community Partners: Enterprise Community Partners is a nonprofit organization that works to create affordable housing and thriving communities. Their website offers resources, reports, and articles on affordable housing strategies and initiatives. Website:
  • HUD Exchange: The HUD Exchange website provides a wealth of information on affordable housing programs, funding opportunities, regulations, and best practices. It includes articles, guidance documents, and training materials related to affordable housing. Website:
These resources can provide valuable insights and knowledge about affordable housing, policy considerations, funding mechanisms, and successful strategies for addressing housing affordability challenges.
Some of the main affordable housing developers and stakeholders in Nevada include:
  • Nevada HAND: Nevada HAND is the largest nonprofit developer of affordable housing in the state, specializing in creating affordable housing communities for low-income seniors and families.
  • Nevada Rural Housing Authority (NRHA): NRHA is a public agency that focuses on providing affordable housing solutions for rural areas in Nevada. They develop and manage affordable rental housing, homeownership programs, and other housing-related services.
  • Silver Sage Housing: Silver Sage Housing is a nonprofit organization that develops and manages affordable housing for seniors and individuals with disabilities in Nevada. They strive to create safe and affordable communities for older adults.
  • Nevada Partners: Nevada Partners is a nonprofit organization that works to improve the quality of life for low-income individuals and families in Nevada. They develop affordable housing projects and provide supportive services to help individuals achieve self-sufficiency.
  • Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority (SNRHA): The SNRHA is a key player in affordable housing development in Nevada, particularly in the Las Vegas area. SNRHA is a public agency responsible for administering various housing programs, including the Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) program, public housing, and affordable housing initiatives. They work to provide safe, decent, and affordable housing opportunities for low-income individuals and families in Southern Nevada. SNRHA collaborates with other agencies and developers to increase the availability of affordable housing units in the region.
  • Nevada Housing Coalition (NHC): The NHC is an influential organization dedicated to advocating for affordable housing policies and solutions in Nevada. They bring together a diverse group of stakeholders, including developers, service providers, advocates, and government entities, to address the housing needs of low-income individuals and families. The coalition plays a vital role in shaping housing policy, promoting affordable housing initiatives, and fostering collaboration among various sectors. Through their advocacy efforts, research, and community engagement, the Nevada Housing Coalition works towards ensuring access to safe, affordable homes for all Nevadans.
  • Ovation: Ovation is a prominent affordable housing developer in Nevada, known for its commitment to providing high-quality, affordable homes to individuals and families. With a strong focus on community development and resident well-being, Ovation aims to create sustainable and inclusive housing solutions. Their projects often incorporate innovative design, energy efficiency, and supportive services to meet the unique needs of their residents. Through their dedication to affordable housing, Ovation contributes to improving the lives of many in Nevada by fostering stable, thriving communities.
  • The Community Development Programs Center of Nevada (CDPCN): CDPCN is a notable organization that plays a crucial role in advancing affordable housing initiatives in the state. CDPCN focuses on community development and works towards providing affordable housing solutions to low-income individuals and families. Through partnerships and collaborations with various stakeholders, CDPCN implements programs and services that address the housing needs of underserved populations. With their commitment to improving housing affordability and promoting sustainable communities, CDPCN contributes to the overall well-being and economic vitality of Nevada.
  • Accessible Space, Inc. (ASI): ASI is primarily known for its focus on providing accessible housing solutions for individuals with disabilities, the organization also contributes to the affordable housing landscape in Nevada. ASI develops and manages affordable housing properties that are designed to accommodate the unique needs of individuals with disabilities, ensuring they have safe, accessible, and affordable homes. By promoting independence and community integration, ASI’s affordable housing initiatives make a positive impact on the lives of individuals with disabilities in Nevada. Their commitment to inclusive housing options aligns with the goal of increasing access to affordable housing for all.
  • Neighborhood Housing Services of Southern Nevada, Inc. (NHSSN): NHSSN is a prominent affordable housing developer and advocate in Nevada. NHSSN works to strengthen communities and promote affordable homeownership by providing a range of housing programs and services. They offer homebuyer education, financial counseling, down payment assistance, and affordable loan programs to help individuals and families achieve their dream of homeownership. NHSSN also develops affordable housing projects, revitalizes neighborhoods, and promotes sustainable community development. Through their comprehensive approach, NHSSN plays a crucial role in expanding affordable housing opportunities and improving the quality of life for residents in Southern Nevada.

Here are some books that provide in-depth insights into affordable housing in the United States:

  • “Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City” by Matthew Desmond: This Pulitzer Prize-winning book explores the impact of eviction and the affordable housing crisis on individuals and communities.
  • “The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How Our Government Segregated America” by Richard Rothstein: This book examines the history of housing segregation and the role of government policies in perpetuating racial and economic disparities in housing.
  • “Public Housing That Worked: New York in the Twentieth Century” by Nicholas Dagen Bloom: This book explores the successes and challenges of public housing in New York City and provides insights into the complexities of affordable housing policies.
  • “A Right to Housing: Foundation for a New Social Agenda” by Rachel G. Bratt, Michael E. Stone, and Chester Hartman: This book examines the right to housing and offers a comprehensive analysis of housing as a fundamental human right and the importance of affordable housing policies.
  • “Affordable Housing and Public-Private Partnerships” by B. J. Wiener and Rachel G. Bratt: This book explores the role of public-private partnerships in affordable housing development, financing, and policy.
  • “Public Housing Myths: Perception, Reality, and Social Policy” by Nicholas Dagen Bloom, Fritz Umbach, and Lawrence J. Vale: This book challenges common misconceptions about public housing and provides a nuanced understanding of its history, impact, and potential.
  • “Homelessness in America” by Jim Baumohl: This book examines the complex issue of homelessness in the United States, including its causes, impacts, and potential solutions.

These books provide valuable perspectives on the history, policies, and challenges related to affordable housing in the United States. They offer critical insights for anyone interested in understanding and addressing housing affordability issues.