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We want you to feel at home when you support Nevada HAND’s mission. We offer engagement opportunities that allow people to learn more about our organization and see how the work we do impacts our residents and the fabric of the Southern Nevada community.


HANDHELD Collaborative

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The role of the HANDHELD Collaborative (HHC) is to support Nevada HAND’s mission of providing affordable housing solutions and supportive services through activating emerging leaders to serve as ambassadors for the organization. Through a multi-tiered membership model, the HHC plays an active role in educating the community, raising funds, unique volunteer projects, and networking with professionals throughout Nevada.

Community Impact

A donation to Nevada HAND ensures that our over 8,000 seniors, adults, and children continue to live comfortably in their homes. We strive to connect residents with resources and activities that contribute to individual, personal, and economic growth and allow our team to build relationships with our communities. Donations help us to access services, build meaningful programs that impact our residents, and plan activities  keep our residents engaged, healthy, and stable.

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