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Interested in supporting Resident Services at Nevada HAND communities? Help us raise important funds by attending the Neighborhood Block Party on October 5th!

Resident Services

Nevada HAND is proud to offer on-site Resident Services to help community members lead happy, healthy, stable lives. Our Resident Services are founded on four pillars: Education, Health & Wellness, Financial Stability, and Community Engagement. These provide pathways to future stability and success by supporting and connecting residents to resources like supplemental food, transportation, employment resources, and resident education and engagement activities.

Our coordinators are creative, innovative professionals that are dedicated to making our communities “More Than a Home” and creating meaningful programming for our properties. Each coordinator meets one-on-one with residents to assess their needs and connect them with critical resources and information on assistance and volunteer programs that offer social, financial, educational, and health-related benefits. Our coordinators work to provide residents with activities and events, like game and movie nights, food drives, donation events, and educational workshops from local partners, to keep them engaged with one another and the community.

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Community Partners

Our Resident Services are supported by several community partners to help us deliver services, utilize expertise in our community, and create opportunities to live well. Check out some of our partners below.

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