What We Do

Nevada HAND has gained significant expertise and experience in the following areas that are critical to developing affordable housing:

  1. Conducting neighborhood meetings to gain input and approval from interested neighbors and neighborhood associations.
  2. Designing communities that are sensitive to neighbors’ concerns and improve property values within the neighborhood.
  3. Interacting closely with numerous town boards, planning commissions, city councils, and the county commission in the process of land use applications, plan amendments, and entitlements for the development of affordable housing.
  4. Utilizing design team consultants to value engineer plans prior to submitting plans for approval.
  5. Working with local building departments to get building plans approved.
  6. Collaborating with the neighborhood service and community development departments of all local jurisdictions to meet local objectives, obtain federal HOME and/or Low Income Housing Trust Funds, and to comply with all regulations and income targeting.
  7. Participating with the Nevada Housing Division to meet their objectives, obtain Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), Tax-exempt Bond Financing, and to comply with all regulations and income targeting.
  8. Obtaining grants from the Federal Home Loan Bank of San Francisco through their Affordable Housing Program.
  9. Engaging with financial institutions to obtain construction and permanent financing.
  10. Striving to maximize LIHTC Equity and negotiating partnership agreements with investors.
  11. Cultivating relationships with non-profit and for-profit partners as co-developers and co-general partners to achieve mutually beneficial goals.

Nevada HAND oversees the following Board controlled non-profit affiliates:

  1. HAND Development Company
  2. HAND Construction Company – NV General Contractors License #0046143
  3. HAND Property Management Company
  4. HAND Property Holding Company
  5. HAND Finance Company
  6. HAND Enterprises, Incorporated
  7. HAND Development Group
  8. HAND FP, Inc.