Overhead View of Solar Panels at Flamingo Pines

Visit any Nevada HAND community constructed after 2017, and you will see a building feature familiar across Southern Nevada: solar panels. Nevada HAND was an early adopter of this alternative energy source; our first property with solar panels was built in 2011. Over the years, significant evolution in technology combined with impactful government incentives like the Lower Income Solar Energy Program supported our increased investment in solar. Today, all new Nevada HAND buildings include an array of solar photovoltaic panels designed to offset some of the property’s energy bills by producing power on-site.

We regularly analyze our own data and the latest research to make the most effective use of solar power. Beyond solar, a commitment to energy efficiency has been integral to our business model from day one.

Much like market-rate rents, high utility costs disproportionately burden low-income seniors and families. We keep expenses low for Nevada HAND residents by consistently building to the highest possible standards. Over the long term, this results in lower operating costs in part through more efficient energy use in our buildings. From Low-E glass that reflects heat to keep indoor temperatures cooler during the summer, to desert landscaping that reduces water consumption, we use high-quality materials, proven sustainable technology, and cost-effective construction methods for one mission-based reason: to provide residents with an affordable place they are proud to call home.

The Nevada HAND team continually examines how energy-conscious construction and operational choices help us deliver on our mission as well as contribute to the sustainability of our neighborhoods and our region. We also work to share knowledge with other affordable housing builders, which most recently has involved leading a new workshop series on sustainable multifamily building practices. We are proud to be good neighbors and good stewards of our community’s resources, all in service of our core commitment to provide low-income seniors and families with affordable homes that support happier, healthier lives.