Affordable Housing vs. Market Rate: Knowing the Difference in Price and Eligibility

What makes affordable housing, well, affordable? There are frequent misconceptions that affordable housing is inexpensive because it is built with less expensive materials or it is placed in low-income, outdated areas. However, affordable does not mean cheap, especially when it comes to Nevada HAND’s 34 communities in Southern Nevada. To better explain how our organization prices units and establishes income requirements, we thought we would define some key housing terms

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Nevada HAND, Future Smiles, and Liberty Dental Host Back-to-School Wellness Events

Students are facing new challenges this back-to-school season, but Team HAND has been working to provide families and students with the materials and resources they need to start the school year. This year, we have recognized that academic support for our residents is more important than ever before, especially as our students face remote learning, separation from educators and friends, academic and extra-curricular cancellations, and more. In partnership with Future

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All HANDs on Deck

The COVID-19 outbreak has impacted thousands of residents in Nevada and millions of people across the globe, but with every crisis, there are teams of helpers prepared to provide assistance to those who need it most. Nevada HAND serves more 7,600 residents in Southern Nevada, many of whom have been affected by the recent economic downturn. In our family communities, some of our residents are facing unemployment and a significant

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Lending a Helping HAND: Local Resources for Residents Affected by COVID-19

In Southern Nevada, countless organizations, schools, and government entities have reached out to the Valley community to help residents during the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic. Low-income families and individuals are among some of the most vulnerable populations right now, especially those with limited access to medical care and those whose jobs have been terminated or temporarily suspended. The following resources are available in Southern Nevada to those experiencing setbacks because of COVID-19.

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