The Nevada HAND team never sits still. With 30 years of experience and deep expertise, we are always evaluating how to best serve our mission, and our residents. This approach is baked into our regular business operations, from selecting sites for new communities in high-opportunity locations to making adjustments to Resident Services programming based on data, best practices, and resident feedback. At other times, the “how can we improve?” mindset leads to a unique project, such as the recent renovation to expand capacity at our two assisted living communities.

When Silver Sky and Deer Springs were initially designed, they featured special “guest rooms” with the idea of offering family members a comforting space to stay. Although rooted in the best of intentions, over the years, we observed that these spaces remained largely unused. Recognizing the growing demand for our unparalleled services as the sole provider of affordable assisted living in the state, Nevada HAND recently embarked on an exciting transformation!

Those “guest rooms” have now been elegantly renovated into brand-new permanent resident units. These revamped spaces have given life to two additional resident units in each community, expanding our capacity to accommodate more members of our community. Designed with the same comfort, quality, and aesthetics of our current units, these additions not only enrich the living experience but also strengthen the financial health of Silver Sky and Deer Springs. This ensures that we can continue offering the very best services to all our cherished residents.

We’re delighted about this enhancement. It’s a testament to our ongoing commitment to better serve our community and ensure that Silver Sky and Deer Springs remain the highly professional, people-centered, welcoming places they’ve always been.

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