Families come in many forms.

Edna’s multigenerational family photo

From the family you’re born into, to the family you build over time, every connection is special in its own way. For Harmon Pines resident, Edna, her neighbors have become family.

Edna visiting her neighbor

In 2015, Edna and her husband moved to Harmon Pines to finally fulfill their dream of living in Las Vegas. In 2019, Edna’s husband passed away, leaving her to live alone for the first time in her life. Suddenly without her best friend of 55 years, and with her family living across the country, Edna became deeply involved in the Harmon Pines community to develop meaningful friendships with her neighbors.

Edna strives to be a good neighbor by showing up for the people who need her. She drives neighbors to their doctor appointments, shares meals, volunteers at bingo, and helps plan community activities. With a big heart and tons of energy, Edna builds genuine relationships with those around her. Although she’s miles away from her original family, Edna never feels alone because she’s built a family right here in Harmon Pines.

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