Overhead View of Solar Panels at Flamingo Pines

Empowering residents to be successful and self-sufficient is a key component of our Resident Services program. Guided by four pillars – Education, Health & Wellness, Financial Stability, and Community Engagement – our programming is designed to give residents the tools and resources they need to thrive in their communities. As a member of NeighborWorks, Nevada HAND joined network organizations across the country participating in NeighborWorks Week from June 3-10, celebrating programming that empowers communities and enhances lives.  As part of this effort, we are proud to highlight the impact of financial literacy programs led by Resident Services Coordinators and community partners.

At Apache Pines, residents Kim, Gretchen, and Jo Ann shared how the knowledge gained through financial literacy classes has helped them evaluate their priorities and deepened their sense of independence. One class taught residents how to develop values-centered goals and budgets – shifting the focus from “what I can’t afford” to “what I need and value most. Kim, who has attended over 10 financial literacy classes, was nervous about how she’d be able to afford her lifestyle when she transitioned from a dual-income household to single when her daughter moved out. With the help of Resident Services Coordinator Rebekah, Kim looked at her budget from a values perspective and found areas where she could save, like canceling her cable subscription, and learned about assistance programs she is eligible for, like internet assistance. Now, Kim can comfortably live alone in her home while affording the things that are most important to her.

Gretchen found financial literacy classes useful in debunking misconceptions she had about credit scores. After experiencing major credit setbacks due to big life changes, she worried that even simple actions like checking her credit score would have a negative impact. Gretchen then learned about a free website that would check her credit score, explain credit score factors, and show how she could improve her credit score through Experian just by paying phone and utility bills on time. After using this tool, her credit score increased by 80 points! Thrilled by these results, Gretchen is excited to further explore the website’s resources and frequently shares her experience and new knowledge with neighbors in need of similar support.

Jo Ann is a proud mother of six who now lives alone, but never feels lonely surrounded by her neighbors. Working closely with Rebekah, Jo Ann successfully applied for assistance programs to help with utilities, rent, and food and now is able to live within her budget. Jo Ann’s daughter, who lives across the country, is a regular partner in helping with finances. After attending financial literacy classes, Jo Ann learned to track her spending in an organized way so she can easily share updates with her daughter.

Thank you to Kim, Gretchen, and Jo Ann for sharing your experience and results from financial literacy classes! As we continue to serve the Southern Nevada community, we are proud to empower residents to take charge of their finances to learn how to live comfortably within their means and achieve their goals.