Nevada HAND celebrated National Nonprofit Day on Monday, August 17, which recognizes leading local, state, and national organizations for their community impact and charitable approaches to helping others. National Nonprofit Day highlights the individuals and organizations that make a difference every day and share a passion for supporting our communities. The philanthropic nature of nonprofit organizations ensures that people and communities have access to the resources and guidance they need to live healthy, successful lives.

Nevada HAND is the largest nonprofit affordable housing developer in Nevada, and our organization develops and manages beautiful, supportive communities that allow residents to thrive. From planning, to construction, to housing Southern Nevada’s working families and seniors with modest incomes, we have built an organization with a mission of creating opportunities to live well.

For over 25 years, Nevada HAND has made a footprint in Southern Nevada, responding to the affordable housing shortage in our state by building affordable communities that are “more than a home.” Our Development and Construction teams are intentional about planning and building new Nevada HAND communities by selecting opportune areas with surrounding businesses, schools, and community amenities. We believe that home is the key to everything, which is why we build reliable, supportive communities that act as a foundation for the growth and affluence of our residents. Nevada HAND is also the only organization in Nevada to offer affordable assisted living communities, which are designed to support aging seniors who do not require a nursing home’s level of care. Our assisted living teams are comprised of professionally trained medical technicians, dietitians, and other service staff who extend around-the-clock care to ensure comfortable independent living.

Nevada HAND is one of kind, in that we also manage our communities to guarantee consistency, reliability, and accountability in our business operations. Our Property Management and Resident Services teams engage with our residents and communities to provide pathways for future stability and success. Many of Nevada HAND’s residents are low-income and/or cost-burdened, which is why our Resident Services teams prioritize education, health and wellness, financial stability, and community engagement to create equal opportunities and gateways for our working families and seniors. When our residents have access to affordable homes and supportive services, they can achieve greater financial stability and allocate funds to other important necessities, like school, food, and transportation.

Nevada HAND’s impact is not just on the residents we serve, but also in the contributions we make to the economic development of our communities and support of other nonprofits and businesses in the Las Vegas Valley. Last year, Nevada HAND’s Construction team generated $107,000,000 in construction activity from local income, taxes, and government revenue, and we created over 1,200 local construction jobs. We also saved an annual average of $25,000,000 from market-rate apartments, which was funneled back into our local economy. Now, with 35 thriving communities and over 7,600 residents, Nevada HAND’s multi-faceted approach to affordable housing development and management has been recognized by local, state, and national groups, including the National Low Income Housing Coalition, NeighborWorks America, the Southern Nevada Regional Housing Authority, Affordable Housing Finance Magazine, UNLV, Nevada Public Radio, and more.

Like many nonprofits, Nevada HAND relies on its copious affiliations and partnerships with local and federal organizations and programs to be successful – not to mention, a line of donors whose financial contributions fuel our resident programs and community developments. We present affiliations with the Affordable Housing Tax Credit Coalition, Housing Partnership Equity Trust, Nevada Housing Coalition, and more. For a full list of affiliations, visit the About Us page on our website.

Throughout the week, Nevada HAND recognized company milestones and goals, community partners, impactful donors, and, of course, our staff and residents. Both internal and external contributions to our organization help us provide for those in need, spearhead affordable housing developments in Southern Nevada, and lead important discussions on housing shortages and the need for supportive communities. National Nonprofit Day is more than a day of recognition of our community impact. At Nevada HAND, National Nonprofit Day is a day of celebration – for our team, our partners and donors, and of course, our residents. We stand by our work, our people, and our communities, and we are proud to have shared our mission with the Las Vegas Valley for the last 27 years.