Our residents are taking the summer to show off their gardening skills! Just after Memorial Day, an Eagle Scout troop, alongside Master Gardeners from the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, our team, and residents, built a community garden at our Sky View Pines community. In just a few short weeks, the garden is in full bloom and has quickly become a point of pride for our residents.

Residents who we didn’t see around the neighborhood were taking time to walk through the garden, check on the progress of some of the produce, take a class with the Master Gardeners on caring for the garden, and proudly show off this new amenity for their guests. Moreover, the garden at Sky View has already begun to harvest! Residents have been preparing healthy dishes with the produce from the garden, like squash with bacon, shrimp with yellow squash, and fresh seasoned cucumbers with lemon and salt, and sharing the dishes with their neighbors.

Sky View Pines isn’t the only place where green thumbs are popping up; at our Westcliff Pines and Westcliff Heights community, a group of residents spends time every Saturday nurturing and cultivating their garden. Our resident Dolores took a leadership role and mobilized her neighbors to help with pruning, replanting, organizing, and harvesting the garden. They truly enjoy not only the beauty of the garden, but the fresh vegetables it produces.

Recently, at our Bonanza Pines senior community, residents were able to show off their gardening skills by creating terrariums, which they’ve been enjoying since the springtime. Our residents at Apache Pines also enjoy a resident garden that several volunteers tend to throughout the year.

We are proud of our residents for using their gardening skills to help create more than a home in their communities. We look forward to seeing what they’ll do next with those green thumbs!